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College of Marin Programs Recognized as “Strong Workforce Stars” | College of Marin Career Technical Education

In July of 2017 two program areas, Medical Assisting and Administration of Justice, at College of Marin were recognized by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office as “Strong Workforce Stars”. This designation recognizes that the programs are leading the state in at least one of the following three areas:

  • Fifty percent or more increase in student earnings, determined by comparing students’ earnings one year before and one year after exiting the California Community Colleges system. This data is based on a match to the state’s wage file.
  • Seventy percent or more of students attain a regional living wage. This percentage, aligned with a threshold set by the California Workforce Development Board, analyzes the proportion of graduates and skills builders (defined as students whose goal is not to complete a program, but to take classes to increase job skills) who attained the living wage for a single individual in the college’s region. This analysis is based on a match to the state’s wage file and a comparison with data from the Insight Center for Community Economic Development.
  • Ninety percent or more of students report that their current job is close or very close to their field of study. This is based on responses to the system’s CTE Outcomes Survey, which is sent to community college students after they stop taking courses.

When asked to comment on the outstanding results for the Medical Assisting program Professor Cesar Pomajulca responded that “Students are finding solid opportunities at Kaiser and other offices. Within the industry Kaiser offers the highest pay for recent MA graduates and great benefits. Our graduates were happy to be hired and have better earnings and good benefits.”

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